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HAVI is elated to launch its first Montreal based program: HAVI Friends. Designed as a buddy system, HAVI Friends will give Montreal high school students the opportunity to join an after school program allowing them to interact in the community with children with alternative abilities. Community service volunteer hours will be allocated to participating students. Furthermore, HAVI will provide specific training, including CPR courses, in order to instill confidence in the students helping children with alternative abilities. This program is a fantastic opportunity to increase disability awareness and encourage the development of interpersonal skills.

HAVI Friends is proud of its partnership with The Friendship Circle which will allow HAVI Friends to reach a broader audience and further spread its message.

HAVI FRIENDS mission statement

Our mission is to decrease stigma about mental and physical disabilities and encourage young high school students to volunteer in the community. We are committed to helping out organizations in Montreal that are devoted to making a difference in the lives of children with alternative abilities, by partnering with them and providing them volunteers from high schools around the city. We strive to improve the quality of life in children living with alternative abilities as well as our student volunteers by being the catalyst to life altering friendships.

Our timeline

HAVI Friends was launched in the summer of 2012. We are currently recruiting schools and organizations around Montreal. We will begin our program in Fall 2012. Students who are interested in HAVI Friends will need to fill out our registration form (please fill out online) and/or email it to friends@happyvillageintl.com. Volunteers will then be interviewed to determine which organization would be a best fit. Participating volunteers will join a training session of non-violent crisis intervention and CPR prior to starting. Training sessions in the Fall (November) and Winter (January) will be offered. If you are interested in having your school or organization join HAVI Friends or for more information, please contact the HAVI Friends coordinator Cindy Hovington, at friends@happyvillageintl.com. We look forward to having you join HAVI Friends!

Student Registration Deadline: December 20th 2012
Winter Session will begin Jan 21st 2013.