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HAVI FRIENDS Organizations Registration Form

*Name of Organization:  
*Contact Person:  
*Phone Number:  
*E-mail Address:  
Address of Organization:  
Please describe the goals/mission of your organization and the children you work with:  
Will you be interviewing the student volunteers? (Please note if your organization does not require an interview process, HAVI friends will be interviewing the volunteers) Yes No 
Do you require volunteers to have regular weekly volunteer hours? Yes No 
If yes, what is the minimum number of hours per week?  
Do you have afterschool (week-day) volunteer opportunities? Yes No 
If yes, please indicate the days of the week and times.  
Do you have weekend volunteering opportunities ? Yes No 
If yes, please indicate the days of the weekend and times:  
Which activities will the student volunteer be involved in?  
Tell us what you hope to gain through your partnership with HAVI Friends  
Do you have events through the year that you would need volunteers for?           Yes No 

If you have any questions please contact Cindy Hovington at 514-451-0246
or email at friends@happyvillageintl.com