HAVI welcomes your donations. Help us build our school to give children with disabilities a better life!


1) HAVI Friends Program (Montreal)

HAVI Friends is a family learning initiative for parents and children living with alternative abilities. HAVI Friends consist of two components. The first is a buddy system between children with alternative abilities and HAVI volunteers. The second component is a resourced based support group for parents/caregivers that will occur simultaneously to the HAVI Friends program. Each session is guided by a disability expert/professional. HAVI Friends is well supervised by HAVI staff.


Bi-monthly Sundays 10:00am -12:00pm at Centre Communidée: 137 St. Ferdinand #153 Montreal, QC, H4C 3S6.


FREE (donations welcome)


All ages and all levels of functioning welcome and accepted.

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2) Educate Our Girls Program (Volta Region, Ghana)

Started in May 2014, in partnership with US-based organization, Forgirlsake, HAVI focuses on sending girls with alternative abilities to school. Forgirlsake and HAVI aim to build disability awareness of and send more girls to school each year with the intention of integrating them into society. To donate please click here.

3) The HAVI Well (Volta Region, Ghana)

HAVI completed a water project, which brought fresh drinking water to 9000 villagers in Penyi, Ghana. Now children can spend their days in the classroom instead of fetching water, which can be many kilometers away from home.